Impact-resistant Finland

With the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a great demand in society for information related to building a “shock-resistant society”, as it has exposed the vulnerabilities inherit in modern societies.

Since the summer of 2020, Think tank Alkio has investigated possible initiatives for the building of a resilient, adaptable, and safe Finland during and after the corona crisis. These proposals make use of information and research form around the globe, as well as observations made by Finnish political and civic actors during the corona crisis. The proposals are intended for all levels of politics: from the municipal, through the national, to the EU-level, and can also be embraced across political party lines.

The impact-resistant Finland project focuses on the resiliency and impact-resistance of Finland. This is important for inevitable future pandemics, but also for other surprising circumstances relating to climate change, for example.

The ”Miten rakentaa iskunkestävää ja vastustuskykyistä Suomea?” report has been compiled and written by journalist Johanna Korhonen. The report has been published in the Think tank Alkio publication series.

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Johanna Korhonen